Dance to Remember (TG AP RC Sequence)

Someday I’ll be able to keep the jewelry consistent. Video on my Twitter DancerSFW-1Download

Don’t Bee Afraid (TF TG AP Sequence)

Another monstergirl sequence! This time I tried an insect girl. Not the most consistent sequence, but I like the end result. Hope y’all do as well! Video on my Twitter beeDownload

Shark Week (TF TG AP)

“…and this exhibit is all about Kamohoali’i, the shark goddess that the island natives would pay tribute to before going on fishing expeditions.” The tour guide said as the group entered the final stretch of the museum walkthrough. Kevin looked around the display and grimaced at all the ancient shark imagery. The poor kid had …

Mirror Mirror (TG/AP)

I was at my uncle’s house for the weekend while my parents enjoyed a “romantic vacation” in Hawaii. It wasn’t that bad at first. My uncle, Tom, was a young professional who spent most of his nights out drinking with his friends, so I got to do whatever I wanted after he left. I was …