TGA Contract: Gnat-Bits (TG AP Commission)

Client requested our services to win over the heart of a college senior he’s been infatuated with (despite the fact that the girl in question already has a boyfriend). Our team conducted extensive research on the target to define her tastes and design the optimal conversion for the client. Client was taken aback when the conversion included a gender change, but our research showed that he target actually had a hidden preference for members of the same sex. Target also showed high affinity for athleticism and musculature, which were easy enough traits to imbue the client with. Client’s personality also required alteration to increase confidence and eliminate “incel-like” behavior, which appeared to be a red flag for the target. With her new toned body and confident, dominant personality, the client was easily able to seduce the target and her boyfriend (which was not an intended outcome, but still noted as a positive result). All three now seem to be in a satisfying polyamorous relationship.

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