TGAgency: Contract 3 (TG AP Sequence)

Client requested our services to be utilized on his little brother. The subject has had difficulty socializing, and the client has asked us to “cure his social anxiety” with our cutting edge treatment. The subjects physical appearance and brain chemistry were altered to fulfill the contract, though perhaps the subject was overstimulated during the conversion process.

Note: We altered the subject’s DNA to remove all blood relation to the client as a safeguard against any “uncontrollable arousal” between the subject and/or client. It is recommended to continue this practice to avoid and undesirable relationships in the future.

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  1. loving these TGAgency sequences, I’ve always loved the idea of some science-based institute changing. if possible id love for them to turn my little brother into a breeding mare, would be good for the farm and a good source of money.

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