TGAgency Contract: AmelieAI (FTF TF AR Commission)

Client named herself as the subject and requested our services to relive the college days, which we expected to be a simple enough conversion. Unfortunately our technology seemed to be hacked during the conversion process, resulting in an overshoot in age reduction among other unintended conversion attributes. We had to act quickly mid conversion to avoid disaster, but thankfully we were able to complete the conversion with a backup personality we saved for situations like these. Subject is now a 16 year old high schooler with a more aggressive, teasing personality that goes by the name “Nagatoro”. While the subject only wanted to relive her college days, she has reported satisfaction with her new life and appears to be enjoying her opportunity to relive her high school days with a different personality. Our security experts are still tracking the source of the hack, but at this time we suspect it to be from one of the subject’s exes. 

Commissioned by 
AmelieAI – Artist | DeviantArt