Body Modifications (TG AP Story)

My dad owns an autobody shop and was always trying to teach me about cars. I admired his intention to keep the business in the family, but I was never a gearhead. I considered myself pretty nerdy, always preferring to game with my friends and work on my Minecraft server instead of doing oil changes and getting covered in grease. My hobbies always disappointed my dad, who seemed to dream of having his only son become a professional mechanic like himself, but one day he decided to try and change that. He made me go to his shop and help out with his most recent project. I tried my best to be useful, but I only seemed to get in his way. His voice sounded more annoyed by the minute, and his commands were only getting more aggressive. Finally, after I accidentally knocked over a container of screws and lugnuts, he scolded me and told me to go watch from the corner of the shop.

“Alright, that’s it. You’re just fucking things up now, Rick. Go watch me from over there and try to pay a little fucking attention to what I’m doing. Maybe you’ll learn some actually useful skills instead of just playing your stupid block game all day.”

I solemnly got out of his way and watched him work, his muffled cussing echoing through the garage. I was just as annoyed as he was. I didn’t want to do this all day, and I was getting tired of him trying to force his interests on me. I heard him grumble one last thing before he slid himself beneath another car:

“Goddamn. I just wish I had someone to help me around the shop.”

Just a few moments after he began cranking away at the car, I began to feel a little strange. At first I thought all the exhaust and gasoline fumes were getting to my head, and I wondered if dad just needed better ventilation in his shop. The strange feelings only got more intense, though, and soon I was beginning to feel dizzy. I felt a tingling sensation beginning to crawl across my body as I began to get warmer. I tried to brush it off since I didn’t want to distract my dad and deal with his ire anymore, but things were getting hard to ignore. My hair felt like it was getting longer, and I could feel the strands beginning to tickle the backs of my ears. I reached up and grabbed my scalp as my hair continued to grow through the gaps between my fingers. I looked down and began to worry, only to realize that my perspective was beginning to shift. I felt a pressure growing in my spine as my viewpoint grew further from the ground. I closed my eyes, thinking I had to be hallucinating, but soon my legs began to elongate with my torso. I shifted uncomfortably as I felt soft pops coming from my joints, like my whole skeleton was changing. Something was happening to me, and I couldn’t ignore it any longer.

“D- dad?” I whimpered, still afraid of him yelling at me again. He didn’t respond. I don’t know if he was ignoring me or if it was just hard to hear under the car, but my body kept changing and I was only growing more terrified by the second. “Dad!!!”

“What?!” he yelled back, sliding out from his workspace. “Didn’t I tell you to stand over- WHAT THE FUCK?!” he exclaimed, his jaw dropping as he saw my growing body.

“Dad, what’s happening to me?! I- GAHH!” I groaned as my height continued to increase. The sounds from my shifting frame grew louder as my shoulders and hips broadened rapidly. I grabbed my head in a panic as I felt my hair taking on a new texture, curls falling into my view as it continued to grow. My whole body shuddered as I felt my muscles tense, each fiber swelling and filling out my lanky frame with noticeable definition. My tightening shirt lifted up as I grew, revealing a set of toned abs beneath that were a far cry from the core I’d developed sitting at a computer all day. I could feel myself getting stronger, as if I was gaining years of physical capability from a lifetime of manual labor in a matter of seconds. I would’ve been excited by my growing strength if I wasn’t so confused. The look in my dad’s eyes indicated that he was just as confused as I was.

“Rick?! Are you okay? J- just hang on, I’ll call for help!” he said in shock. I could only watch in terror as he looked around the shop for his phone, my heartbeat increasing by the second. 

My fear only intensified as I felt another tingling sensation growing in my chest. I nervously moved a hand to one of my pecs as it began to swell, only now noticing that even my nails were changing. I pushed a manicured finger into my chest and reluctantly moaned at the sensation it caused, surprised and horrified by how soft and sensitive my chest had become. I didn’t want to show it, but I could feel my nipples growing beneath my tightening shirt. It felt like new nerve endings sprouting and sending feelings I’d never felt before as they rubbed against the stretching fabric. I didn’t want to admit it, but the sensations were becoming pleasurable. I tried to hide my moans, but as both sides of my chest began to inflate, I couldn’t hold back a startlingly mature, feminine squeal that caught my dad’s attention. 

“Ah! D- dad…my chest…AAHHH…” I moaned between vocal cracks. He looked at me just in time to see the outline of two small breasts growing from his son’s chest. The sight clearly stopped him in his tracks, but as my chest continued to inflate, my shirt began to rip. I tried to push my growing breasts back into my body, but only triggered more waves of pleasure to emanate from my chest. I moaned in a deeper voice this time, surprising my dad and causing him to drop his phone to the ground. I heard the screen crack, and as I watched the device break at his feet, I could tell that he was looking directly at my growing cleavage. 

“D- dad! Why am I gro- OOOhhh…growing b- boobs?!” I half cried, half moaned. Unsurprisingly, he didn’t have an answer for me. He could only stare at my chest with his mouth agape as the threads of my shirt continued to rip. My breathing grew heavy as I felt the weight on my chest moving up and down in sync, each breath seemingly increasing the size of my new breasts. 

I don’t wanna be a- GGAAH!” I screamed as my breasts burst out of my shirt. They hung there alluringly, my nipples hardening against the cool air. My dad looked like he was in shock and confused, clearly enamored by the sight of my massive breasts hanging out in the open, but horrified that they belonged to his son. I looked down at my massive new bosom in confusion as I tried to ignore my growing urge to touch them. I felt more tingling sensations dance across my soft, creamy skin as my clothes began to restitch themselves. My jeans tightened as my ass began to inflate. My thighs swelled with fat and muscle, crushing my manhood as they grew. I tried to adjust my pants as the pressure increased, but as soon as I touched them they tore open to reveal my mature new legs. I stumbled back and forth, struggling to balance with my new proportions, before a sudden crack in my spine gave me the curve I needed to regain my balance. 

Oh god, dad, please help me! I don’t wanna be a girl! I feel so- ohhh…” I trailed off as another sensation began to build between my legs. 

I quivered at the feeling of my boxers restitching themselves into a lace thong. The fabric squeezed my dick to the point of pain, but just as I thought I was going to cry, an explosive wave of ecstasy surged out from my crotch. I threw my arms up and grabbed my head as my mind was flooded with pleasures I could barely dream of. My moans grew loud and sultry as my cock began to invert, slipping between my legs and stimulating the new nerves down there as it went. I could feel my insides changing, shifting around to make room for my new womb and ovaries, but I didn’t care. It felt like a lifetime of pleasure hitting me at once. I can only imagine the look my dad had on his face as he watched me scream and writhe in pleasure, my alluring new voice bouncing off the walls of his shop like an echo chamber. I wiggled my hips as my balls were pulled into the fleshy opening between my legs, feeling pangs of satisfaction as they morphed into my new ovaries and began pumping estrogen through my bloodstream.

Ohhh! Oh godddd! It- ahh! It fffeels sooo good!” I moaned as my sense of pleasure continued to heighten. I could feel the new muscles in my crotch flexing as the warm lips between my legs grew moist. The amount of nerve endings down there quadrupled, filling my head with an intoxicating sensation. The pleasure felt like waves flowing across my body as I became acutely aware of how curvy I’d become. My chest bounced in sync with my intense moans as my ass jiggled above my trembling legs. I barely noticed my clothes changing into an outfit more befitting of my new body. With a final surge of ecstasy, my new clit settled in at the top of my quivering pussy. I let out a satisfied sigh as my mind struggled to keep up with the overwhelming sensations flowing through my body.

Even though I had yet to open my eyes, I could feel my father tracing the curves of my new body with his eyes. His masculine energy was palpable, and it was stirring some concerning feelings within me. Patches of my skin began to tingle as ink appeared just below the surface, flowing into sets of intricate tattoos. I felt their shapes beginning to take place as images and memories of the needle piercing my skin burned their way into my mind. My shirt began to tie itself just below my chest as a lace bra materialized, pushing my breasts up and making my new bust look even more sizable than it already was. I felt my lips reluctantly curl into a smile as more memories flooded my mind, soothing my panic and making me feel more at home in my new body. Carnal knowledge blossomed between my synapses as intimate memories of various partners became more vivid. I began to understand what my new sexual desires were, and I felt myself beginning to enjoy the idea of pleasing a man. The urges to feel a man’s muscles against my body grew stronger as I felt my freshly formed pussy begin to drip. I shivered with delight at the idea of a throbbing dick being pounded into my cunt, the feeling of the space between my legs being stretched and filled suddenly becoming familiar. I wanted to be tossed around and bent over, to be grabbed and penetrated by a man who knew what he was doing. I liked it rough, I liked having my hair pulled, and I liked feeling warm cum dripping out of my new sex. Part of me was horrified by the ideas forming in my head, but a larger part of me couldn’t resist how good it all felt. This suddenly felt…right, like I’d been upgraded. 

But it wasn’t just sexual experience filling my mind. I felt all my nerdy knowledge morphing into something else. Memories of building machines in Minecraft were becoming memories of building engines with my bare hands. I remembered learning how to change a car’s oil as a child, and adding a turbo to my first car at 16. I remembered getting my first job at a small town repair shop, and being the only woman there. I remembered how the men looked at me like a sex doll, lusting after me and thinking I was only hired as eye candy. I remembered how their expressions towards me changed when I built a car that was faster than any of theirs in the quarter-mile. Thoughts of pistons pumping as the exhaust roared, fuel injectors squirting accelerant into an engine, and wrapping my fingers around a vibrating gear lever were becoming more exciting to me than any video game I played in my old life. Finally, I remembered getting a job at this shop with my dad…no, with Mr. Mason. I opened my eyes and looked at the man in front of me as I let go of my old self. I wasn’t Rick anymore, and I didn’t want to be. I had become someone new, and I loved it.

“R- Rick?” the man murmured. I simply smiled and fluttered my eyes at him.

Rick? Who’s that, Mr. Mason? I’m Ruby! I’m your protégé, remember?” My words seemed to flip a switch in his mind as his expression began to shift. I could tell his memories were changing like mine. I wasn’t his son anymore, but I was exactly what he wished for. He had help around the shop now, and I didn’t have to get yelled at for not being into cars. I watched as a lustful expression grew on his face, our new reality setting in. My eyes moved down to his work trousers as his erection grew beneath them, pitching a tent that only got me more wet. I knew it was wrong to be sleeping with my boss, but the forbidden nature of it only made it more exciting. 

Oh, daddy…” I moaned, knowing how much he loved when I called him that. I walked over to our toolbox and bent over to grab a wrench, giving him a perfect view of my ass. “We should finish up this build first. Once we’re done, I’ll let you take me for a ride…

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