TGAgency: Contract 9 (MILF TG AP Sequence)

This client and subject submitted their request together, with the subject voluntarily submitting himself to the conversion process. The client requested our services to increase the subject’s ability to influence the client’s father and convince him to buy the latest game console for the two friends. Client was able to convince the subject to undergo …

Living the Dream (TG AP Comic)

A little experiment with a new model. Wanted to try a POV mirror TG sequence.

Campus Visit (TG AP Comic)

Trying out a new model that focuses on photorealistic outputs. Let me know if y’all want to see more of this stuff!

What a Draugr (TF TG AP)

Be careful when pulling old swords out of caves. You never know whose grave you could be robbing… Another entry to the mythology series. Thought about doing a Valkyrie, but wanted something a little stranger and scarier. Video on my Twitter DraugrDownload

Surprise Secretary (TG AP Sequence)

I just really love curvy office women. Video on my Twitter SecretaryDownload

Jinkies! (Velma TG AP Sequence)

Could you write a better Velma? Could you BE a better Velma? Video on my Twitter JinkiesDownload

Ride Like Hell (TF TG)

The boy had heard stories about the “Demon Horse” roaming the fields. He wanted to see it for himself, despite not believing the myth. He’s about to learn how real the creature is… Wanted to try a more experimental, horror tinged transformation this time. Let me know if y’all are interested in more stuff like …

Werewolf Within (TF TG Sequence)

2nd pass at a werewolf sequence. Wanted it to feel more feral this time. Video on my Twitter werewolfwithinDownload

Private Thoughts (TG AP)

Mike and Jeremy had a habit of poking around where they shouldn’t. The young boys loved making mischief with Mike’s older sister, Jackie, at every opportunity, so when the boys were sleeping over at Mike’s house, they decided to take a peek into his sister’s diary while she was out for the weekend. The boys …