Private Thoughts (TG AP)

Mike and Jeremy had a habit of poking around where they shouldn’t. The young boys loved making mischief with Mike’s older sister, Jackie, at every opportunity, so when the boys were sleeping over at Mike’s house, they decided to take a peek into his sister’s diary while she was out for the weekend. The boys laughed as they flipped through her diary entries, giggling at her girly thoughts and gagging at how she wrote about the boys she had crushes on. 

“Ew, I can’t believe your sister writes all this stuff down,” Jeremy said, making a face as he read about her makeout sessions after school.

“Girls are weird, man. Not a single thing in here about anything fun, like video games or movies. She’s so obsessed with her looks.” Mike groaned as he flipped through her makeup and workout notes.

“Yeah, I’ll never understand how their minds work,” Jeremy said, putting the diary down and striking a feminine pose. “Oh look at me, I wonder which boy I’ll kiss today. I hope they like my makeup,” the boy said, mimicking the older girl’s voice. The two friends began to chuckle until Mike noticed something strange going on with his friend. 

“Hey, Jeremy, did you get…taller? Your hair looks kinda different, too…”

Jeremy looked down at himself in shock. He definitely felt weird, and while he’d always been a little taller than his friend, he was nearly a whole head taller than him now. His heart began to race as blood pumped through his veins, causing his whole body to heat up and tingle. 

“Uhh, I don’t feel so good…” Jeremy mumbled, barely noticing the bumps on his chest beginning to protrude. The sensations of his growing nipples rubbing against his tightening shirt sent confusing feelings through his mind. He grabbed his hips in a panic as his body continued to grow, widening in some areas while slimming in others. His pants grew tight as his aging frame took on a feminine shape, painful cracks echoing through the bedroom as his spine elongated and cracked inwards. He shook his head in pain as his hair reached down to his chin, looking at his friend in desperation as he continued to change.

“What’s happening to you?!” Mike yelled as his changing friend. “You’re starting to look like a girl!”

“I don’t- ACK! I don’t know!” Jeremy replied in panic as his body continued to mature. He leaned against the bed and thrust his chest forward as his new breasts swelled, pushing his hardened nipples nearly through his shirt. His clothes began to tear, revealing cleavage that embarrassed both the boys as they stared in confused fascination. 

“Your…hair…” Mike said, pointing to his friend’s lightening locks. Mike grabbed a strand of his growing hair in shock and looked down at his friend, realizing that his hair had turned the same shade of blonde as Mike’s. Jeremy fell onto the bed as his body spasmed, filling out the changes in his joints and digits as they grew long and dainty. He kneeled to look at himself in a mirror as he felt another surge of energy rush to his chest, thrusting it forward as his new boobs burst forth to their final size and nearly tearing his already tattered shirt open. He began to wail as he felt his hair beginning to style itself, reaching back behind his head as it tied itself into a ponytail. He looked at his exposed midriff in shock, still unable to believe that it was his body staring back at him in the mirror.

“Holy shit…you kinda look like Jackie…” Mike mumbled as Jeremy’s resemblance to his sister grew stronger by the second. 

“What?! No! I don’t wanna be your sis- AAHHHH!” Jeremy screamed as he fell to all fours. He looked back in terror as his expanding ass tore clean through his pants, the remaining cloth riding up his shapely new buttcheeks. His legs quivered as he saw liquid beginning to drip down his crotch. He wanted to scream as his boyhood began to fold in on itself, but instead let out a feminine moan. His voice began to deepen as his changing sex pumped estrogen through his bloodstream, becoming something horrifingly familiar to both boys. 

“Oh god, my crotch…it feels so…oooohhhh…” he trailed off as his voice morphed fully into Jackie’s. Mike couldn’t believe he was watching his friend transform into his older sister, and to his horror, it seemed like Jeremy was beginning to enjoy it. Jeremy bit his lip in embarrassment as the sensations of his new sex flooded his mind, juices continuing to drip down his thick thighs. He moaned again as his clothes began to reform, tightening against his sensitive new tits and pussy as sparks of orgasmic pleasure surged through his body.

He bent forward and clenched his teeth, gripping the sheets tightly and trying to resist the new feelings flooding his mind. Mike looked away from his friend who was unintentionally giving him a perfect view of his jiggling ass, only able to listen to the sounds his friend was making. Jeremy’s moans of pain and pleasure mixed as his muscles began to harden, flexing and swelling from years of disciplined exercise. He felt his tendons loosening as he gained flexibility, evidenced by the compromising position he’d taken on the bed. His breathing deepened as years of cardio took their effect in a matter of seconds. He sounded just like Jackie whenever she came back from a long run, sweating and winded. He rolled onto his back as his abs hardened, strength filling his once small body. 

“Mike, please, do something! I don’t wanna be Jackie!” He screamed, the sultry undertone of his voice slightly betraying his words. Mike could only watch in silence as the transformation approached its final stages. Jeremy writhed on the bed, trying not to give into the pleasure of his new body, but as the estrogen finally reached his brain, he felt new thoughts beginning to bleed through. 

“No…I’m not a girl…” he mumbled as Jackie’s diary entries bounced around his head. He moaned as memories of his first period populated his mind. He began to forget his action figure collection, the toys being replaced with outfits and makeup he’d acquired over the years. His memories of playing in school morphed into gossiping with the other girls in class. He was struggling to remember playing with Mike and could only recall babysitting his annoying little brother. His feelings of how gross girls were shifted into thoughts of how disgusting the older men were who catcalled and ogled his body in public. Memories of his first kiss brought an excitement he’d never felt before, causing butterflies in his stomach as his pussy began to throb with desire.

“Can’t give in…don’t like boys…uunnfffff…” he whispered through clenched teeth as more sexual memories flooded his mind. He remembered how exhilarating it was to get fingered in school. He felt the desire to be grabbed and thrown around in bed. His new sex grew wet at the thought of being filled, the sensitive cavern being tickled by a throbbing cock pushing its way towards his new womb. 

“No…don’t want…cocks inside me…so gross…but feels so good…” Jeremy struggled to resist, but his growing urges began to take over. He suddenly liked the taste of cum, and loved wrapping his feminine lips around a throbbing cock. “Need to…need to…OOOOOHHHH GOD-” 

Mike watched in defeat as his friend began to give in to the pleasure, Jeremy’s grimace curling into a smile as his body was wracked with ecstasy. With a final wave, Jeremy screamed and spread his legs open, his pussy dripping from the lifetime of orgasms he’d just experienced at once. The new girl laid back in satisfaction as she embraced her new life, happily letting her old one as Jeremy fade away with the afterglow of her first female orgasm. 

“J…Jeremy?” Mike asked nervously as his former best friend sat up.

What? Who’s Jeremy? And what are you doing with my diary you little freak?!! Those are my private thoughts!” Jackie screamed at her little brother, slightly embarrassed that he’d seen her in such a compromising position. She ran off the bed and snatched the book from the shocked little boy, locking it in her dresser and giving him a death glare. 

I told you not to go through my shit! Now I’m gonna tell mom and dad. Maybe they’ll finally let me get a lock for my room.” 

“Sorry…sis…” Mike said, reluctantly accepting his friend’s transformation into his older sister. 

Whatever. I’m going for a run. If I catch you in here again, I’ll beat the crap out of you…or get one of my boyfriends to do it,” she said with an evil grin. She couldn’t wait to get away from her dorky little brother and meet up with one of the many guys she’d found on Tinder. This whole day was going to be one hell of a diary entry.