Promotion (TG/AP)

Terry’s mother, Tiffany, was a high ranking executive at a multinational company. She made good […]

Big Sister (TG/AP)

Jack and Ryan were sitting in Jack’s bedroom, taking turns playing video games and complaining […]

Checking Out (TG/AP)

Mike and Jeff were spending the afternoon at the bookstore, checking out the latest entries […]

Wifely Duties (TG/AP)

“Morning, Mom. Can you make me lunch today? I don’t really want to eat from […]

Rough Night (Tg/Ap)

I hate having to be babysat by my older brother. All Logan cares about is […]

Lost & Found (Tg/Ap)

Cody was visiting the park with his family, struggling to keep his phone in his […]

Baby Fever (Tg/Ap/Preg)

Jeremy loved spending time with his dad ever since his parents got divorced. His mom […]

Smokin’ Hot (Tg/Ap)

Lucas was walking home from school when he came across an abandoned bag on the […]